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"Adventure narratives written by women are finally getting their due  —and [Ice Cube] is a new classic."

"For young women, especially, [Ice Cube] is as much a cautionary tale as it is an inspiration. And for young men? It should be required reading."

"But our narrator is good at being alone — in a town full of men. She’s cautious, she’s harsh, and she’s stubbornly unsentimental."

"This white-knuckle read left me in awe of Braverman’s conviction, and her lyrical rendering of the landscape of Alaska took my breath away."

"The best work of non-fiction I’ve read in 2016, Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube is this years’ H is For Hawk."


"Indelible characters, adventurous spirit, and acute psychological insight combine in this multilayered debut."

"[Braverman's] easy, lyrical prose makes this search for identity and self a worthwhile read."

"If finishing Wild left a hole in your heart, we’re willing to bet that Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube might be just the thing."

"If there’s anyone more deserving of a congratulatory hot toddy, I don’t know who it is."

Print Interviews

"...I thought a lot about how adventure is a kind of violence, the line between desirable violence and dangerous violence, violence and control.”

"I wrote this story to try to make sense of a third kind of sustainability, which is cultural. What happens when a small group of people live and work together in a remote environment?"

"At 18, that was a revelation for me: that being a girl and being tough could coexist without contradicting each other...."